Thursday, December 21, 2017


This picture was the perfect way to end this course and every course we have taken. This is a photo by, Takashi Katayama he is a Japanese artist who was intended to be a painter and photographer. In 1997 he was introduced to computer graphics and that's when he hit it off. He draws his art entirely in Photoshop with a mouse. The reason this photo means so much is no mater what is hitting the figure it still remains up. So never give up and keep pushing forward. Thanks for an exciting course.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Week 8: Russell Streur (MOCA Artist)

Russell Streur, one of the featured artist, is not only a great artist, but he is a great poet as well. That fact attracted me to the artist. He uses his own photos to create majestic pieces of work that has caught the eye of the art world. He continues to perfect his crafts and continues to give the world phenomenal images for us to enjoy.

Week 8 - MOCA - Björn Dämpfling

Bjorn Dampfling was born in 1949, he currently lives in Berlin, Germany. This artwork is apart of Creative Creatures portfolio. It's one of seven pieces. His work is made up of unique and fertile digital style. It's full of " improbable biological specimens" this can include fish, insects or birds. I tried to research what style fertile means for artwork, but I couldn't find anything in regards to art. Dampfling does not like to copy his work or others, he believes in surprising oneself and people having the freedom of creation. 
Find more of his work at the link below. 
Björn Dämpfling's Website

Class Ends Today

Hi Everyone,

Today is the last day to submit work.  Grades have to be turned in and the college will be closing for the Christmas break.  I hope you found this experience to be a worthwhile and maybe even an enjoyable one!

Merry Christmas to all.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

We Made It Week #8 Artist: Karin Kuhlmann

Karin Kuhlman, born in 1948 lives and works in Verl, Germany. She studied photography and graphic design and has been a commercial artist for many of years.  Kuhlmann's said abstract art is one of the glories of algorithmatic art.

Karin Kuhlmann writes, "Since beginning to use the computer as a personal artistic tool in 1996 she tended more and more towards abstraction. Like the surrealists and some abstractionists Karin prefer to utilize 'Automatism' for her creative processes in order to release my inner pictures. She usually generate a series of inspiring and associative shapes on transparent layers and combine them to form subtle arrangements of glowing transparent areas of colors, including the light behind it. She stated that drawing by algorithm depends widely on coincidence. However, generating and selecting of dynamic organic forms, their editing and coloring, is based on what psychologists refer to as 'subjective perception'. Mathematical art is - although it seems to be a contradiction in terms - a very intuitive and individual kind of work."

Monday, December 18, 2017

Mirroring Symmetry assignment

This is the image I made for the last assignment, mirroring symmetry. I thought this was a very fascinating method of manipulating an image and utilizing specific resources to create something like this. There were difficulties towards the end (mainly why it looks so grainy) and I had to use my camera to upload the final image to the blog. But I think the outcome is pretty cool.

Week 8 Artist

For my last artist, I picked Bjorn Dampfling for his strange and creature-oriented artwork. This piece is called "My Beauty," and comes from a handful of techniques, including Fractal Painter, Freehand, a Wacom tablet, and a regular scanner. In fact, I think that's what I like best about his work - not only that this piece is darker and less vibrant than the rest, but that they all share the illusion of being made from crayon, or other simple sketch techniques. I like that he uses relatively simple methods to create original, strange, and abstract art.